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Madagascar must be alert to a potential crisis, at the end of the current presidential elections

In Madagascar, while the actual political context differs from that of the crisis and violence recorded in 2009, challenges and actors remain the same as then; the people’s expectations also it seems. The results of the first round of the presidential elections held last month augur a continuity of the 2009 crisis and thus calls for vigilance.

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Burkina Faso: What are the reasons behind the expansion of terrorist attacks to the East?

For two years now, Burkina Faso has been facing a rise in the number of terrorist attacks in the North, especially around its borders with Niger and Mali. Now, the attacks have spread to the eastern part of the country, killing many civilians and soldiers of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS).

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What are personal safety scores of African countries according to the Mo Ibrahim Index?
The latest release by the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) has pointed 2017 general scores of good governance in African countries. Under the category of Safety and rule of law, the Personal Safety scores consists of six indicators (perception of personal safety, reliability of police services, absence of social unrest, absence of crime, absence of government violence against civilians, absence of human trafficking) from seven data sources which Stake experts gathered for our readers to assess the threat on personal security in African countries at a glance.

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Desecration of places of worship: a new vigilance test for Togolese authorities
Strategic brief

Many acts of desecration of places of worship occurred in Togo, in a context of ECOWAS-led post-August 2017 crisis political dialogue. In a context not yet completely relaxed, it is necessary for the Togolese authorities to avoid the religious issue to be part of the security problems. They will do so by showing firmness and impartiality in the management of these desecration cases.

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