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What are the risks and consequences of the post-Bashir era for border countries of Sudan?
There were scenes of jubilation on the streets of Khartoum on April 11, after the army announced the fall of Omar al-Bashir. This departure is the result of a struggle lasting several months, which Khartoum’s neighbors have always closely scrutinized. What consequences are to expect from Omar al-Bashir’s fall for the countries in Sudan’s neighborhood?

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Report: Assessment of the political-security situation in Mozambique (March 28, 2019)
The historic antagonism between Frelimo and Renamo shaped the political and security situation in Mozambique. It is a key element to assess the security context in the country. In addition, more recent players are continuously challenging the efforts to establish and maintain social peace and security. This report gives a comprehensive and mapped analysis of the security situation in Mozambique (as of March 28, 2019).

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Is a “gray zone” being formed at the Cameroon-Nigeria border?

In an analysis of Central African region published in the “Continental hot spots in 2019” series, Stake experts called for vigilance on the high risk of creating a “gray zone” in term of security on the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. Let’s look into this hypothesis in the details. 

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What map of areas in crisis on the African continent?

Whether they are old unresolved crises or conflicts that have grown in recent years, several regions of the African continent remain subject to strong political and security tensions. Stake Experts created a map of the areas in crisis across the continent to provide factual insights into the geopolitical environment of the continent in 2019. 

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