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Lancement de la phase opérationnelle de la Zlecaf, Sommet de Niamey, 2019 (© Ambassade du Niger au Mali)
What contribution of the AfCFTA to peace and security in Africa?
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the operational phase of which was launched at the 12th Extraordinary Meeting of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, held on July 7, 2019, in Niamey, Niger, is a crucial step in the continent’s economic integration process.

Beyond the theoretical argument suggesting increased interdependence through the necessary stability that promotes trade, what contribution can the AfCFTA make to a more stable and prosperous Africa?

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BRIEFING: Political situation in Sudan (Follow-up)

“It is clear that some of the population in Sudan remains dissatisfied with the agreement between the TMC and the FFC on the transition, especially since the implementation of the Political Declaration and the Constitutional Declaration will not be followed by direct effects perceptible to the population (the TMC will be dissolved, but the military will retain the presidency of the Sovereign Transition Council during the first 21 months of the transition).” […]

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Who are the most important arms exporters to Africa?
After the publication of the latest report of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Stake experts look into the value of arms contracts to African countries over the past decade. Russia, the United States, but also France and China remain the continent’s most important armaments partners.

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What map of areas in crisis on the African continent?

Whether they are old unresolved crises or conflicts that have grown in recent years, several regions of the African continent remain subject to strong political and security tensions. Stake Experts created a map of the areas in crisis across the continent to provide factual insights into the geopolitical environment of the continent in 2019. 

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