Stake experts created a dynamic and integrated offer of services dedicated to offering you a powerful decision-making support in African countries.

Stake Experts is a pan-African consulting firm, which has built since 2016, a solid expertise on issues of peace and security in African countries, as well as on management and prevention of conflicts, sustainability of peace, early warning investigation in contexts of political instability and / or legal vacuum. This allows us to offer our partners, private companies, international organizations, diplomatic services, and governmental authorities, comprehensive decision-making support, and strategic programming solution.

Our experts are specialized in political and security risk analysis and legal advice, but our offer includes a larger set of customized services to fit your specific needs.

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Thanks to our 1 client = 1 folder = 1 advisor strategy, we reached a satisfaction rate above 90% for the third year in a row.

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Political and Security risk analysis

It might be stressful to try to understand all the political and security risk aspects of a country and to take them into account in your decision-making process. For that, you can rely on our political and security risk analysts and field observers to give you deep and customized expertise of African countries’ political and security contexts, as well as their opportunities and threats to your investments. We also set up (or operate) monitoring systems on security issues… you only have to focus on your ambition; our experts will handle the details.

Custom-designed training

Are you traveling for business? Do you need custom-made training? Get your employees aware and ready for the security parameters of their mission in an African country or ask for the support of our local observers. Our training fits your specific needs.

Early Warning systems

Do you feel overwhelmed by the unstopping flow of information coming from Africa? We know that not all information has value for your decision. That is why Stake experts find for you the accurate, targeted, high-value-added information you need to enhance your decision affectivity and to reach your goals. We set up and operate monitoring systems on security issues, thanks in particular to our network of observers throughout the African continent. You decide what you need to know about any specific geographic area on the continent, and we give you the right information at the right time.

Legal advice

Here at Stake experts, we know that there is no one Africa, but actually many Africas when it comes to legal administration, law enforcement, procedures and judicial ecosystems. Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive legal support in any country of the continent. This is possible through our network of facility contacts across Africa.

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