“The demonstrators in Tchaourou and Savè seem to have quickly organized themselves in the face of repression, as evidenced by the high number of casualties in the police and army forces. Such a rapid organization can be explained by two main hypotheses.” […]

Executive summary in 4 points

  1. Clashes between police forces and demonstrators left more than 50 people injured, including 10 serious ones in the ranks of the police and armed forces.
  2. The recurrent use of firearms by demonstrators has led to a relative balance of forces
  3. Benin government maintains a policy of denial in the face of high insurrectional risks
  4. Radicalization of demonstrators and systematic armed confrontations with the army and police forces are to be expected

Stake experts recommends:

Sustained vigilance and careful monitoring of the security situation and the strengthening of logistical bypass routes.

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