“The situation remains tense in Khartoum and in the major cities of Sudan. The ongoing negotiations are being closely monitored by the demonstrators. In addition, the violence of June 3 helped to strengthen their determination to demand the departure of the army from the head of the country.” […]

Executive summary in 4 points

  1. Almost 3 months after the fall of Omar al-Bashir, no significant progress has been observed in the negotiations towards the establishment of a civilian government
  2. The violence at the beginning of June 2019 is likely to radicalize the positions
  3. The demonstrators’ front is less and less united due to the disagreement on the application of Sharia Islamic law
  4. The scenario of a civilian transition government does not seem possible to achieve by the end of 2019

Stake experts recommends:

Sustained vigilance and consistent monitoring of the security situation as the risk of further deadly escalation is high.

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