“This volatile security situation is essentially seasonal, and linked to the transhumance of Zaghawa herders and their herds. The intensity and lethality of clashes have increased over the years for at least two reasons.” […]

Executive summary in 4 points

  1. The intercommunal violence of early August 2019 is a seasonal event of varying magnitude
  2. The disarmament measures announced by the Chadian authorities are unlikely to be effective without the minimum contribution of a credible security offer for the local communities in return for their collaboration
  3. The Chadian authorities are insufficiently involved in national and regional mechanisms to prevent such intercommunal violence
  4. The main scenario to be feared is an intensification of the lethality of such conflicts

Stake experts recommends:

Sustained vigilance on transhumant flows in high-risk areas, and monitoring of the implementation of the state of emergency and disarmament program.

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