“The heavy-handed intervention by security forces during the July 22 demonstrations in Hawassa could radicalize the positions of the pro-Sidama state movement in the region, leading to even more violent clashes.” […]

Executive summary in 4 points

  1. An agreement was reached at the very last minute between the Ethiopian federal government and representatives of the Sidama ethnic group, avoiding the unilateral declaration of a Sidama state in the SNNPR
  2. The youth wing of the pro-Sidama state movement, the Ijjeto, rejects this agreement and calls for the immediate creation of the Sidama state
  3. Local and federal security forces have carried out strong repression against the pro-Sidama state demonstrations that began on July 22 in Hawassa
  4. It is to be expected that the position of the pro-Sidama state movements will become more radical, with the risk of a deep, multifaceted crisis in the SNNPR

Stake experts recommends:

A strengthening of personal security throughout the region, and particular vigilance in the regional capital Hawassa, and in the neighboring Wolyata region. Sustained vigilance on the evolution of the posture of the parties.

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