Ethiopia-Eritrea peace deal one year later: back to the (hard) reality?
The signing of the peace agreement between Ethiopia and its neighbor, Eritrea, on July 9, 2018 brought new economic and political hopes to the region. Moreover, for both Addis Ababa and Asmara, it meant not only the end of two decades of a frozen-positions war, but also the opening of unexpected perspectives. One year on, however, progresses seem to have remained mainly symbolic.

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Madagascar: Understanding the “Fanjakana Gasy”
Initiated by Pety Rakotoniaina and some Malagasy politicians, the Fanjakana Gasy movement aims to create a “State within the State” in the southern part of Madagascar. Stake experts reviews the chronology of this short-living proto-secessionist movement.

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BRIEFING: Attempted coup against the regional government of Amhara, Ethiopia

“Starting on June 22, the country experienced increasing security tension. Between 22 and June 29, Ethiopian authorities arrested 212 members of the Amhara regional security forces, including the head of the regional Special Forces. Similarly, some 40 activists of the Amhara Nationalist Political Party (NaMa) were arrested by the federal authorities in Addis Ababa and in the vicinity of the federal capital.” […]

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BRIEFING: Political crisis and negotiations towards a civilian government, Sudan (Update)

“The situation remains tense in Khartoum and in the major cities of Sudan. The ongoing negotiations are being closely monitored by the demonstrators. In addition, the violence of June 3 helped to strengthen their determination to demand the departure of the army from the head of the country.” […]

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