International experts

A network of 25 international experts

Our political analysts, legal advisers, university professors, security, conflict and post-conflict governance specialists offer you a large set of services to understand and effectively take action in Africa. They have many years of experience working with either African governments or African/ international organizations.

Field Observers

More than 70 field observers

Our observers are located in almost all African countries. Their daily work includes collecting valuable first-hand empiric information and data. They are journalists, field agents, jurists… and their support is critical for our experts to help you decide in African contexts.

…and one unique ambition: give you the keys to understand and decide in a moving Africa.

Our philosophy is shaped by four principles:
  • 1
    Collect and process as much data as possible
  • 2
    Connect knowledges to create innovative solutions
  • 3
    Give an executive value to research
  • 4
    Connect technology to the needs of decision making in context of uncertainty

Why should you contact us?

  • You are working with African countries or doing business on the continent.
  • You need a credible and individualized expertise to understand the challenges you are facing.
  • You need a partner who shares your values of integrity, efficiency and social responsibility.
  • You need innovative decision-making support that complies with your requirements and fully take into account the context specificity of African countries.
A broad field presence 100%
A credible expertise 100%
Strong values 100%
Innovative tools 100%

Stake experts applies the 1 client = 1 folder = 1 advisor strategy since 2017.

At your first contact with us, we create a client folder with a dedicated advisor for you. You will no longer waste time to re-explain your general requirements or context for each new project.  Your advisor is a unique contact point with our experts.